Saturday, July 9, 2016

Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants Reviews

As book reviews come in I'll be adding to this thread. So far I've had two reviews from Readers Favorite Book Reviews. Both were 5 star reviews. A portion of my favorite review says thisOur first two book reviews are five of five stars. Here's a portion of my favorite review:Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants
"The subtitle of this book reads: End Your Silence, Sadness, Suffering, and Shame. It is a huge promise, and what is astonishing is that Rick and Brenda Redner deliver what they promise in the title of their work in an amazing way. To help readers handle the frustration that could lead to ill health, as well as physical, psychological, and emotional pain, anger, and recklessness, the authors share their story with honesty and clarity, providing soul-searching questions that can help readers identify their most pressing concerns, create a new sexual language, and discover the solution that is best for them. Whether you are suffering from impotence or not, this book has a lot that will enrich the life of any couple."

A second reviewer said this:
"Many men suffer silently, thinking that erectile dysfunction is the end to one's sex life and that it is a permanent condition. Well, Rick Redner is living proof that you are wrong on both counts. This book is more than just facts about erectile dysfunction - it is a detailed personal journey of dealing with the condition and how to overcome it with the help of a penile implant. Reading Rick and Brenda's story has been very eye-opening. It is definitely a worthy read for any man struggling with ED and for couples looking to support each other through it all so they can put intimacy back into their relationship."

In 8 weeks the book will be available at Amazon and other places. Until then you can get it here:

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