Friday, September 15, 2017

Do You Think About Cancer Every Day?

For the last seven years as a cancer survivor, I've thought about cancer every day, many times a day. I kept waiting for the day when I'd stop thinking about cancer many times in the course of a day. After seven years, that day has never come. 

When I started asking cancer survivors how often they think about cancer, I discovered I wasn't alone. Most cancer survivors think about their cancer multiple times every day. That's when I began to understand it's not necessarily bad to think about cancer daily, it's what you think and feel as you think about your cancer. I'll give two examples:
1. Person #1 Thinks about cancer daily, wondering if it will return.
2. Person#2  Thinks about cancer daily with a sense of gratitude to be alive another day.

Both folks think about cancer daily with very different results.coping with cancer. I think EVERYONE needs to intentionally find ways to take well deserved breaks. Here's ten ways you can do that.
In my article with Prostate Cancer News Today 
There's ten ways to take breaks.

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