Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Indie book reviews of Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants

Reviews for EVERYTHING YOU NEVER WANTED TO KNOW… by Rick Redner From Indie Readers

1. really liked the outline and overall construct of this book from Rick & Brenda RednerIt was a practical read based on the author’s own life and personal and professional experiences and helps people to understand some ED issues better and hopefully help overcome challenges in dealing with erectile dysfunction, either personally or helping someone they may know who might suffer from it. I was surprised to learn many things about this topic, from the causes, to the fallouts (both physical and emotional) and was impressed that the book and overall tone was more ‘spiritual’ than I imagined it would be. I recommend it highly to anyone wanting to improve the value of their life if they feel surgery might be helpful for them, or even if they are just exploring options. It is a very engaging read because it’s not just lecturing or facts and figures (although there is plenty of useful info there too), but relatable stories and interesting scenarios where the authors breaks down their points and uses them in real situations that we can all easily understand and apply. I read the whole thing in one evening, and it was as eye-opening as it was informative. Oh and the editing/formatting was flawless. Great job! (5 stars)

2. No matter what you go through in life, it is always nice to know someone else has gone through it too, and can be extraordinarily helpful (and comforting) to hear of their journey and see what you can learn from it. I always go into books like this with a fair  bit of skepticism, wondering truly if there will be any new, insightful information brought to the table that isn’t some gimmick, total common knowledge (I call these the ‘duh!’ self-help books) or worse— an insult to my intelligence and common sense. So as I started reading “Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Erectile Dysfunction…” by Rick and Brenda RednerI was fully prepared to see the same red flags, set the book down and call it a night. (I never claimed to be an open-minded guy). So imagine my surprise as I started in with the reading and was struck by how real and informative and just honest it all seemed. I was especially interested in the relationship aspect and how it is a team effort – what affects you affects your partner as well. This isn’t just a ‘male’ issue. Also, there are so many different avenues to explore, and I appreciate how the authors lay out different scenarios and break down the pros and cons. The interactive questions were helpful as well, and while I won’t claim that everything in this book applied for me, I was impressed (to my surprise) with how down to earth and relevant it was. The information here will help many people if they listen to what the author is saying, and I can see urologists ‘prescribing’ this to their patients to read! (5 stars)

3. After reading this book by Rick and Brenda RednerI thought the best aspect of it was how it does such a great job of tackling a ‘taboo’ or ‘sensitive’ subject matter head on, tells it like it is, and helps to reduce (or even eliminate) and shame or fear or embarrassment one might feel if they suffer from any sort of ED. Clear and coherent chapters focus on different angles of handling the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of ED and recognizing how to best assess one’s own situation and steps on how to change it for the better.  I thought the whole book was excellently written and quite inspiring, and I liked that it actually gives some solid solutions that can make a huge difference in people’s lives. I was engaged the whole way through and felt the whole thing from the formatting to the editing to the information was very professional and delivers a valuable message. Recommend. (5 stars)

4. This is the first book I’ve read on this subject so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but even though this isn’t something I currently deal with in my life, I’m grateful that I learned more about this topic and have a deeper understanding for what millions of people go through, and perhaps it is a reality I myself will face one day too in a relationship. But this is a very good book to help understand about how others cope with erectile dysfunction, and the ins and outs, ups and downs (pardon the pun) of implants, and in that way we can relate it to ourselves and realize that we can do it.  Like I said, this isn’t my normal type of book, but I thought there might be something useful I could learn anyways and I was so right! It is inspiring and well-researched (with handy glossary, bibliography and index at the end)The authors have a natural writing voice that makes what they are saying very easy to grasp… and it is actually interesting stuff (not dry or boring or like a text book or something…) Recommend for adults only. (4 stars)

5. I found the articulate and engaging narrative style to be quite interesting and down-to-earth. I liked how the authors Rick and Brenda Redner uses their vast and well-researched (from personal experience as well as scientific)knowledge ‘story-style’ to make their points and relate ideas in ways that we all can fully and easily grasp. Very useful, well-written, and well put together. An important book with a clearly defined and easy to follow premise that can definitely help people who experience ED and either wish to understand it better, explore their options, or simply learn from someone who has experienced it, and what path they took to improve their situation. It is clear that the authors know what they are talking about, and fortunately are excellent writers as well. I have found that many times reading medical self-help books can either be frustrating because the author is too ‘highbrow’ and esoteric, or they just don’t present the material in a way that I feel I can relate to (or its condescending). I really appreciated the authors simple and direct approach and the clear steps and solutions they describe. While it may not be applicable to all, everyone can learn something and walk away with more knowledge than before. (4-5 stars)

6. This is a wonderful, very well-written and highly informative book! I have read several books on medical issues (physical and mental) and sometimes I get the sense that most are just recycling old information. This book it seems like I read a lot of new ideas presented in a way that makes a great deal of sense, even if might be perceived as somewhat ‘controversial’.  There should be no shame or stigma in erectile dysfunction, yet all too often it can be made a joke, or something that causes great distress emotionally and sexually. The content was professionally prepared, yet still friendly and intimate-feeling, and laid out in a coherent way that is easy to follow, but is meticulously researched and supported with solid evidence, scientific and anecdotalRick and Brenda Redner uses facts as well as real-life examples to share their perspectives on ED and ideas for solutions. Fast paced, informative, and easy to read, I recommend this book to anyone (adults) who are going through this struggle in their life or know someone who is. Each chapter gives valuable information, examples and sound advice to the readers, and is presented professionally from the first page to the last. (5 stars)

If you are coping with erectile dysfunction and/or want more information about penile
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Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Erectile Dysfunction & Penile Implants