Friday, April 19, 2013

10 Ways To Allow Cancer to Destroy Your Life

1. Blame God for your cancer and abandon your faith, or use your cancer to justify the belief that a loving God who permits cancer cannot exist.
2. Live selfishly. Have an affair, dump your partner and/or the rest of your family in pursuit of your own pleasure.
3. Live fearfully. Spend hours obsessing about cancer in your waking hours, and loose sleep at night as you imagine the worst possible outcomes.
4. Tie the meaning of your life to your performance in the bedroom.
5. Loose your self esteem and manhood until you regain your erectile abilities
6. Become cranky and irritable. Flight a lot with your partner and children.
7. Hold grudges and loose friends- At some point or another most of your friends and family will disappoint you. Hold that against them for the rest of your life.
8. Give up all forms of physical affection- If you can’t perform in the bedroom the way you like, give up everything, holding hands, kissing, tender touch. All forms of pleasurable affection are to be  avoided like the plague.
9. Isolate yourself emotionally from your partner-make sure you keep your struggles to yourself so both you and your partner will struggle alone.
10. Live without hope- believe that prostate surgery ruined your life forever and you’d be better of dead.

At some point in our journey all of these thoughts can occur. However if we keep them as guideposts to our life and our behavior we have truly wasted our experiences with cancer. In direct contrast to these ways of thinking read the following article:
Faith can transform your experience with cancer.

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