Sunday, December 7, 2014

Penile Implants-The Difference Between Vanity vs Sanity

I recently heard from a widow. Her husband had prostate cancer, but that's not what he died from. To treat his prostate cancer he chose the surgical option. Like many men before him he believed robotic surgery would allow him the opportunity to regain erectile functioning. That didn't happen for him.
As the years went by he became increasingly withdrawn and depressed coping with ED. He began drinking heavily to medicate his pain. On his 7th year post-surgery he committed suicide. I can't help but wonder if anyone ever spoke with him about the option to get a penile implant.

I recently posted information about penile implants on a prostate cancer forum. I was shocked when a woman created a post to mock that option calling it a "cosmetic surgery" meaning the motivation for an implant comes as a result of vanity.

If a woman wants to increase the size of her breasts or man wants to increase the length or girth of his penis, that's cosmetic surgery. If a woman chooses breast reconstruction after a mastectomy that's not a decision based on vanity, that's a decision to be made whole again and get back something that cancer took away.

 In the very same way if man chooses an implant after suffering from ED after cancer treatments that's considered a restorative surgery. Why does this matter? Most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic surgery. Medicare and most private insurance companies will cover restorative surgery. Therefore, penile implants are a covered procedure for most men coping with ED after treatment for prostate cancer.That's the good news. 

Here's the bad news. Of all the ways to treat ED; the vacuum pump, muse, injections, medication and surgery, penile implants is the least chosen option among men coping with ED. The irony here is this, penile implants have the highest satisfaction rate among men coping with ED. 
Here's informational link which contains an interview with a man who chose this option. It's a worthwhile read:
Information & An Interview

If you've been coping with ED for more than one year after treatment for prostate cancer don't wait for your Urologist or Surgeon to discuss this issue with you, bring it up with them. If they don't have experience with an implant ask for a referral with a Doctor who is experienced with penile implant surgery.

Erectile Dysfunction can destroy a man's sense of being a man and have devastating effects ranging from  depression, emotional & physical withdrawal from a relationship, to substance abuse or suicide.
A penile implant can give you back what cancer has taken away, the possibility for enjoyable intercourse with your partner. Don't give in to despair and don't give up hope. Seriously explore this option.

If you want to read my book about coping with prostate cancer, here's a link to read a few pages at no charge:
I Left My Prostate in San Francisco-Where's Yours?

Rick Redner

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