Saturday, August 6, 2016

Giveaways of Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants

Unless you're a celebrity, every author who has written a book faces a daunting task getting the word out that they've written a book worth reading. The challenge facing every author is how to go about that process. One way to do that is to get your book into the hands of readers with two hopes.
Hope #1- They will tell other people about your book. Word of mouth is a great way to to sell a book Hope #2- Knowing the author the gave the book to them for free, the reader will express their appreciation by writing and posting a book review.

 For the entire month of August, I'm hosting a book giveaway on Goodreads. I'm giving away ten books. Here's a link for you to put your name in to receive a free book:
Goodreads Giveaway

At this time there are fifty-five  people who have entered this drawing. I will find out in September whether any of those receiving a free book will take the time to write a review. I've also given away ten soft cover and ten Kindle editions of the book, hoping to get some reviews posted on Amazon.

When I wrote my first book, paid reviews were posted on your book page. Since that time, Amazon changed it's advertising policies. Now, paid professional reviews can only be posted on the author's page but not on the book page. Reader reviews give a book credibility, improve amazon ranking, and help sell books. It's vitally important for author's to find ways to obtain reviews. I'll be giving a total of thirty books away. I share how many reviews that generates in September.

 I'm certain the book my wife and I wrote: Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants-End Your Silence, Sadness, Sorrow & Shame will make a difference in the lives of men and couples cooping with erectile dysfunction that I'll be using my blog to post professional reviews and links to buy the book. If you or your partner are struggling with erectile dysfunction, if you believe erectile dysfunction has stolen your manhood, taken away your sexuality, changed your sexuality for the worst, disqualifies you from dating or marriage I urge you to buy my book. If you've failed with every erectile dysfunction treatment option and want your erectile abilities restored, I urge you to buy my book. It's available in soft cover for $12.99 and in Kindle edition for $4.99
Here are some links:
From Amazon:
From Barnes & Noble:
From Lulu Publishing:

If you decide to buy the book, let me know if you found it helpful and if you wrote a review please let me know which site you posted your review.

Here's to finding healthy ways to cope with or cure your erectile dysfunction..

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