Saturday, January 7, 2017

Why I Left & Why I came back

A few months ago, I was approached by BioNews Services. I was asked to blog about prostate cancer. I had mixed feelings about their offer.

The Pro's
1. They offered to pay me for each blog. Not a lot, but it is nice to be paid for your work.
2. They offered me greater exposure. The number of people who read my blogs on this site reach to         the double digits. On occasion I'll reach a three digit number.  On their site, all my blogs reach
    several hundred people. For me it's more rewarding to reach several hundred people rather than           twenty.
3. They spruce up my blogs with graphics and a more appealing and professional look than I could         give them.

The Con's
1. My original agreement was that I couldn't post any of my blogs here. (Which explains my absence)
2. They determined the length of the blog. In other words my word count was limited. Which meant I
     have to sacrifice details in order to keep the word count down.

For me the pro's outweighed the cons.  I currently blog for BioNews Services.

Recently they changed the agreement and allowed me to share my blogs on my personal blog. So I'm going to link my blog here, so those who want to follow me here can do so. It's a pleasure to be back!

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