Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Cure For Prostate Surgery Buyers Remorse

Be Careful what you wish for.
I’ve met a number of men who were so unhappy with their life without a prostate they’ve said: “If I could do this all over again, I’d never have surgery and I’d just live my life and let cancer take it’s course.”  I must confess more than once I’ve thought this as well, but they are fleeting thoughts for me. For some of the men I met their life is characterized by the regret they feel for the choice they made to have surgery.

I have a suggestion for any man who is living with buyers remorse. Call a hospice near you, ask if there is anyone they are caring for who is dying of prostate cancer, who would be open to receiving visitors. Then make a commitment to visit a man dying from prostate cancer on a weekly basis until he dies. If they are in hospice care it’s very likely death is less than 2 months away.

If you can’t do that, I suggest you read this blog titled “The Big C” by David Emerson start by scrolling down this page and read the blog dated 10/2/2012 titled “A Long and Winding Road” found here:

Read what David endured, then ask yourself knowing what you know now, would you make a decision that would result in you experiencing the medical complications leading to death that David endured. If your answer is no, than you've been cured of buyer's remorse!

If reading this story cures you of buyer's remorse, share your new perspective with those you love. I'd also recommend a prayer of thanksgiving.

If reading his story had no impact on you at all, then I suggest you consider seeking out professional or peer  help. If you choose to go at this alone you'll  run the risk of ruining the time you have to enjoy your life without a prostate.

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