Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Authors Beware of your Publisher

It takes time for any book to sell, especially when you don't have a million dollar marketing campaign to push sales along.
 On 5/7/12 I received what I belief is a shameless e-mail from WestBow Press. Here it is:

"I am the light of the world."
He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, 
but have the light of life." - John 8:12 
You have reached a significant point in your author journey. Your inspiring theme, motivating message and uplifting voice are now ready to be shared with as many readers as possible.
And you never know what type of positive change your book could ignite in the hearts and minds of people until you get it in their hands. Your book could very well be the inspiration a reader needs to tackle a challenge or make a positive change, and WestBow Press wants to help you share your encouraging message.
Place an order of 500 or more copies of your book, and we'll provide 10% more free.* Combine your author discount along with this special offer for even greater savings. For example: 
Order 500 books
Save 55%
Get 50 more copies FREE
Order 1,000 books
Save 60%
Get 100 more copies FREE 
Learn more 
Pass the torch of motivation by sharing your book. Call 866.928.1240 ext. 1 now to take advantage of this bonus offer.

The first thing that struck me was the use of Bible verse to begin their marketing e-mail. Did they think that using a Bible verse would add extra motivation for me to take advantage of their "bonus offer"? From my perspective this is a terrible misuse of the word of God. The marketing department at WestBow should be ashamed of themselves for using God's holy word in an ad campaign to increase sales and profits for Westbow Press.

Secondly, as my Publisher, WestBow press has done nothing to help me increase book sales. In fact their advice in this letter is to buy books from them so I can give copies of my book away for free. There is not a single word in this letter offering any helpful advice how to sell a single book or how to use the copies of the book they want me to purchase to increase my book sales. 

If WestBow Press were truly looking out for me here's what this offer should have said:

If you buy 100 books or more WestBow Press will send you a list of 50 Christian Reviewers who may be interested in reviewing your book. As a bonus offer we'll send you a list of 100 Christian websites and/or bloggers who'll consider  posting or writing about your book in exchange for a free copy. 

There is an vast difference between my offer and their offer.  WestBow's offer has value to WestBow Press, but no value to me. In my offer there is value to both me and to WestBow press. In fact in my offer WestBow press would be providing a valuable list which could increase  book sales. Therefore my offer is a win for both of us.

It's nice that WestBow Press keeps reminding me through their pitiful marketing efforts that we are not on the same team. Their goal is to make their profits off of me. 

My goal is to help people facing prostate cancer, through my website and the sale of my book.

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